Upcoming Release: beginning of next week

The release of a Resgate, go-res, and resclient will take place at beginning of next week, instead of today as initially planned.

Why delayed?

This is due to the decision to revert the static resource feature, and solve the same need for arbitrary data by implementing the data value feature instead.

After completing development and writing tests for the static resource feature, it became evident that it added too much complexity to the RES protocol in comparison to what it solved. The feature of data values solves the same problem, but with less added complexity, and with some additional benefits.

Data values

So, what does data values do? It basically lets you have deeply nested ["arrays"] and {"json":"objects"} as model/collection values, and not only primitives or resource reference.

Thanks to @greg_keys for indirectly making me reconsider the planned static resource with his great questions :grin:



Looking forward to the new release. This is exciting! :grin:

And now it is out :smiley: