Set log files trough config

Is there a way to specify where to write logs in the config?
I would it to get written to, for example, /var/log/resgate/errors.log

Hello there!

As of writing (June 2020), Resgate in itself has very basic logging to stderr (the standard for Go’s log package).

If you use Linux (of course you do :wink: ), you can pipe the output to a tool which logs to file. Below is an example of getting rotating logs (max 10 files or 1MB each) of only error messages using multilog:

resgate 2>&1 >/dev/null | multilog -* +[ERR] s1048576 n10 /var/log/resgate/errors

With tee, you can pipe the output to multiple commands, if you wish to log non-errors somewhere else.

There are of course other tools as well.