Resclient websocket using query string

Hello, I just started using the js resclient in order to try the websockets but i’m experiencing a problem when i use a query param in my get request, here is my code :

const ResClient = resclient.default;
let client = new ResClient('ws://localhost:8880');
client.get('metering.test?test=test').then(model => {

	model.on('change', () => {
		console.log("IT WORKS");

}).catch(err => {
	console.log(err.message || "Connection error. Are NATS Server and Resgate running?");

When I remove the query (?test=test) it works properly as u can see on the logs :

2021/08/05 12:26:05.674731 [TRC] S=> event.metering.test.*
2021/08/05 12:26:22.899172 [TRC] =>> event.metering.test.change: {"values":{"message":"This is a test"}}
2021/08/05 12:26:22.899438 [TRC] [c45thn94t4h32vgpg14g] <<- {" event ":"metering.test.change","data":{"values":{"message":"This is a test"}}}

But when I use a query param, even thought the subscribed event is the exact same, the changes doesnt get caught and sent back (the get part works well) :

2021/08/05 12:26:51.073876 [TRC] U=> event.metering.test.* <------- Refreshing the web page
2021/08/05 12:26:56.493280 [TRC] S=> event.metering.test.*
2021/08/05 12:27:12.294833 [TRC] =>> event.metering.test.change: {"values":{"message":"This is a test"}}

Am I missing / misunderstanding something about resgate or the websockets ? I have been trying multiple workarounds and searching for the last couple days but i can’t find any solution to my problem :slightly_frowning_face: .

Thank you for this amazing project, I hope we can find a fix to my case !
Let me know if you need extra details,


what does your server endpoint look like, if i recall the way you register the end point matters.

Hi, thank you for your response ! I fond the solution a few hours after i posted this message and everything works fine, I just missed a part of the doc wich explains exactly how you have to handle this case : Query Resources •

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