Release: Resgate v1.7.0 🎉

A new version of Resgate is released.


Token updates

The new system token reset event makes it easy to update or clear a user’s token at any time, without the need to track connections.

This is explained in detail in the new documentation page: - Token update

NATS TLS support

Resgate can now connect to NATS over TLS, with support for client credentials, key, and root CAs. The Docker image also contains the trusted CA certificates from Alpine 3.14.

For info on how to configure Resgate, see - Security options

Throttling reset requests

A new Resgate configuration allows you to throttle the number of parallel requests being sent on system reset events, to prevent flooding slower services on restarts.

For more info, see - Server configuration

Go v1.17

Updating to Go v1.17 has provided even smaller binaries, and should also give a minor performance boost.


Possible client resource inconsistency

A bug that could cause Resgate to send the same modifying event twice to the client, causing it to get the wrong state, has been fixed. For more info, see - Issue #194

Github Release page:

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