Release Resgate v1.3.0 🎉

Happy to announce a new release! :partying_face:

It contains support for NATS user credentials which expands the uses cases for Resgate.
Some backward compatible improvements to the protocol makes it easier for the services to handle query requests.

Both the migration to Go Modules and the RES Protocol Semantic Versioning makes it easier to know that a particular resgate version will work nicely with older services.

Log output is also more tidy, especially the trace logging.

Features & improvements

  • #108 Support for NATS user credentials
  • #116 Migrated to Go Modules
  • #118 Resgate version accessible through --version flag
  • #121 Improved log output and added separate --trace flag



  • #112 Status code 404 for HTTP POST requests with Method not found error
  • #114 Fixed race issue on request timeout leading to two responses