Release: .NET ResgateIO.Service v0.4.1 🎉

A new version of the RES service library for .NET has been released!

NuGet: ResgateIO.Service v0.4.1

This release enables asynchronous programming using Task Parallel Library (TPL), which let’s you utilize the server CPUs more efficiently. This new feature required a backwards incompatible change to the API, where the old IResourceHandler interface was replaced with the new IAsyncHandler interface.

What does that mean in terms of upgrading to this version?

  • ModelHandler and CollectionHandler are obsolete and BaseHandler should be used instead.
  • Classes inheriting from BaseHandler should no longer have override for the handler methods.
  • The Apply handlers now gets the event data in an object derived from EventArgs. Revert information is also stored in that object, instead of being returned by the handler method.
  • DynamicHandler has deprecated the Set prefix to its methods.

As an example on how to upgrade, look at the changes required to upgrade the examples.

The release also adds two new examples, and a couple of other minor features. The full list is as follows:

Features & improvements