Installation guide for Kubernetes

Are there any installation guidelines provided for Kubernetes? I tried to dig but I did not find any.

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It is common to use Resgate with Docker and Kubernetes. But there are unfortunately no written guide specifically written for Kubernetes. I will look into creating a guide.

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I have a simple helm chart we use, I’ll post it tomorrow when I’m in the office

Here’s the chart, its for helm v2 I’ll update for v3 next week.

its probably better to see this one first because of it’s simplicity, there isnt really anything special to making resgate work in k8s you just need to deploy nats then pass in the args for connecting to nats via args.

you can see an example in the deployment.yaml around line 29, I also pass in the port and path which line up with the ingress and service. obviously this can be done much better and all configured through the values.yaml but this should be a good starting point to see whats needed to get it working

apparently I cant upload here so, here is a wetransfer link, I’ll put v3 in github and have it deploy both nats and resgate

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Thank you! I will be looking into v3 when you have time to put it in Github!

as promised here is the github repo with a helm 3 chart

this is by no means a production ready chart, its meant to be a starting point, you will likely need to update the values.yaml to configure nats for a production environment

this is the nats helm chart that I added as a dependency

you can override the default subchart values, here is the documentation for how to do that

also note that the resgate ingress is turned off by default

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