Help support a resgate project

I’m building a business which uses resgate and have submitted it to a contest for funding.

its an intense competition, voters can vote projects up and down, we’re currently in the lead but it’s really hard to stay there.

I need everyone’s help to get us over the top and win enough funds to take our project to the next level.

for anyone willing, please go to the link below and vote for our business, we need as many votes as we can get before 11/2/2020. each person can submit 10 votes.

The business is called “Anara Farmers Market” which i usually describe: “if Facebook, Amazon and eBay had a baby it would be named Anara” :slight_smile:

please go here to vote:

If you need help with the voting system feel free to message me, its a little different than typical voting.

it will ask for your phone number to login, that’s because money is involved and they need to verify you’re a real person. they do not store your number at all, they basically text you a password to login.

if you’re concerned about anything, they have written details about the system.

Thank you in advance.

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Anara Farmers Market looks nice! :100:
I voted +10 :slight_smile:

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we won 1st place, thank you for your votes.

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